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"Reaching New Heights"
How you can become involved in our Learning Community

Your child's learning begins at home with you. The school builds on that learning and recognizes that each child learns at his or her own rate. When your child spoke that first recognizable word, that word and its time were unique to your child, as were all those other developmental triumphs like riding a bike, playing cooperatively with friends, and counting to ten. At all times your child learned each new skill when ready. Your child's experiences and explorations prepared the foundation for this growth and development. You are partners in the education process and your participation is critical for your child's success. Some ways that you can become involved in your child's learning are:

  • read with your child every day for at least 15 minutes
  • participate with your child in community programs and sports
  • become involved in our PAC or School Planning Council
  • volunteer in your child's classroom (Criminal Records Check necessary)
  • make sure you know the learning outcomes your child's class is working on
  • ask your child to share evidence of their learning.
  • provide a quiet and organized place for your child to work on homework and home/school projects