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Please note that School District staff does not dispense medication of any kind without special authorization. If medication is required during school hours, the procedure outlined below must be followed:

1)  Please request a medication form from the school office. This form must be signed and approved by the physician before medication can be administered at the school

2)  Students who require a medical alert form for the administration of medication due to an allergic reaction should also have a form on file at the office. Medication to combat a potential allergic reaction must be stored in the school office and taken on any school field trips.

3)  The medical alert form, the medication administration form, and the medical alert list are updated every school term. These documents are reviewed regularly by our school's Public Health Nurse.

4)  All student medication must be kept at the school office.

For further information or clarification, please contact our school's Secretary, Mrs. Hanson at 250-870-5132.