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Shannon Lake Elementary
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Allergy Awareness
SLE is a Scent and Nut Aware School
1) We are a Nut "AWARE" school
 More and more children in our care have life-threatening food allergies to eggs, peanut products, etc.   For these children, smelling, eating or touching an allergy-causing food can trigger a life-threatening allergic reaction (also known as anaphylaxis).  If not treated, it could lead to collapse and death.  Some anaphylactic reactions can occur within seconds or minutes of contact with the allergy-causing food.  Other reactions may take an hour or longer to appear.
The only way to prevent this type of reaction is to avoid contact with allergy causing foods.
However, because of the large number of students anaphylactic to nuts and peanuts at Shannon Lake Elementary, and a number of classes already affected, we will continue our school-wide food restriction on these.  Parents are asked to carefully read product labels prior to sending any foods to school to ensure they do not contain peanuts and/or nuts within the ingredients list.  
Your diligence in this matter can save a child's life.
We are a nut"AWARE" school. Due to severe allergies, products labelled "may contain nuts or peanuts" are not permitted.  
2) We are a Scent "AWARE" school
 In order to protect those individuals with scent/fragrance sensitivities we ask that staff, students, volunteers and visitors refrain from wearing scented products while at the school and on fieldtrips.
Please assist us in keeping the air we share healthy and scent-free for all.