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School Work Requests for Extended Holidays
School Work Requested by SLE Families on Extended Holidays
Several of our families choose to take extended holidays at times other than the holidays designated by our school calendar. These trips can be valuable for our students on many levels – travel is educational and family time builds the relationships that are the foundation of children’s well-being. Providing children with the opportunity to record their holiday learning and experiences in a daily journal can be a wonderful activity. Taking along daily reading is important for enjoyment and continuity with the daily reading they do at home.
When students are not learning in the context of their classroom with their peers, instruction, experiences, processes and the conversations essential to concept development can be missed. Our provincial curriculum is designed for students to learn collaboratively and to apply their learning in problem solving situations. It is impossible to replicate that lost time, particularly using work sheets. It is impossible for a teacher to provide the work missed to be taken along on a holiday. Teachers are not expected to provide ‘extra’ work for a child who is not in school. Exceptions include illness, and when an illness is chronic or extended, special arrangements are made for schooling through our district.