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Shannon Lake Elementary
"Reaching New Heights"
Learning at Home
Parents and teachers work in partnership to support student learning at SLE. Each classroom has unique expectations and routines that are important for parents to know and understand. Please read all classroom communication so that you can support your child's learning at home.
Although homework expectations may vary from class to class, it is expected that every student at SLE reads at home EVERY night. This is absolutely essential for success, and something that all parents can support. Home reading involves reading to and with your child, as well as having your child read independently or to you or a sibling. SO - every child at SLE DOES have homework every night - Home Reading!
If you have any questions regarding homework or ways to support learning at home, please contact your child's teacher. Many teachers have a website, and messages can be left at the office (250 870 5132) for teachers to return your call.
Please watch for special opportunities/workshops to join with other parents to learn the 'hows' and the 'whats' about student learning.
Please volunteer at the school, or come in when you can. Come into our library and check out the parent resources. Research indicates that when parents are involved in their child's school, student achievement improves.
Please come into the school with comments, ideas, questions and suggestions. Your involvement and support of learning is essential, and highly valued.
Our Instructional Focus and Number One Learning Goal at SLE is improving student writing.