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Shannon Lake Elementary
"Reaching New Heights"
Kiss'n Ride Program

​​​Our SLE PAC is excited to work with you to ensure the safety of each of our students during morning drop off between 8:15 and 8:30am.  We believe this system will keep our children safe and regulate the flow of traffic through our drop off loops.  Parent volunteers are required to make this system work. If you can spare 20 minutes, one morning a week, please contact Ms. Kuzik in the office.

How DROP OFF works:

- Seat your child on the right side of the vehicle, or coach them to exit only on that side.

- Keep your child in the car until you drive up to a parent volunteer.

- Stop your vehicle and remain in the driver's seat.

- A parent volunteer will open the door and help your child safely to the curb.

- You may then drive away so the car behind you can unload their children safely.

By operating this way, no child is walking between parked cars.  Please teach your child to cross only at the marked crosswalk. 

If you are turning left after you drop your child off, please proceed with great care.


How PICK UP works:

Both upper and lower loops will be closed for pick up except for bus and after school program van traffic. The loops are designed for drop off only. Otherwise they become parking lots and cause frustration which leads to passing and endangers children.

Please park and walk in to collect your child, or arrange a meeting place. Some parents come early to wait at an arranged spot, and others come a few minutes after the bell to allow students time to exit the building.

Please DO NOT park in the Staff Parking Lot before and/or after school, as this creates difficulty for buses exiting and children crossing safely. 

Thank you, we wish to keep all of our students safe.