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SD23 Financial Hardship Clause.docx
SD23 District Appeals Process.docx
SD23 Message about social media website.pdf
Redesigning Opportunity for French Immersion Learning in Central Okanagan Public Schools.pdf
Together We Learn - Fall 2016.pdf
Springvalley Middle Bundled Option.pdf
Dr Knox Middle Bundled Option.pdf
Potential Impact of Options on French Immersion Enrolment.pdf
Together We Learn - January 2017.pdf
Together We Learn.pdf
0-6 Mental Health Notes to share with Parents.pdf
6-9 Mental Health Notes to share with Parents.pdf
10-14 Mental Health Support Notes to share with Parents.pdf
15-18 Mental Notes to share with Parents.pdf
FrenchImmersion_Kindergarten_OpenHouses 2018-2019.pdf
SOGI Letter to Parents-Guardians May 2018.pdf
Registration Ad 2018-2019.pdf
SOGI Frequently Asked Questions Final.pdf
Parent Letter_Vaccine Status Reporting Legislation.pdf
Letter to Parents re COVID-19 - March 13, 2020.pdf
Social Distancing.pdf
Letter to Parents - COVID-19 March 17, 2020.pdf
Minister of Education Letter to Parents - March 17, 2020.pdf
covid-19-handwashing-poster PHAC.pdf
2020-03-20 Board of Education Statement re COVID-19.pdf
Virtual Visit Pathways March 23.pdf
2020-03-27 Board of Education Message to Families.pdf
BC COVID-19 MH Network.pdf
Board of Education Message to Families - April 3, 2020.pdf
Practical Ideas for Parents_ Remote Learning.pdf
Practical Tips for Coping_Parent.docx.pdf
What to do When your Child is Struggling_Parents.pdf
Letter to Parents - Continuity of Learning.pdf
School Administrators, Teachers, Parents and Students - May 26, 2020.pdf
FAQ_Health and Safety Measures.pdf
2020-05-27 Board of Education Message to Families - Restart Plan.pdf
220893 Outgoing to Parents.pdf
Letter to Parents - Year End Report - June 19, 2020.pdf
Year End Reporting Guidelines - Parent Document.pdf
2020-08-07 Board of Education Message to All Staff and Families (1).pdf
FAQ - back-to-school-sept-2020.pdf
Central Okanagan Public Schools Staff and Student Safety Plan - August 21, 2020.pdf
2020-08-25 Board Chair's Message.pdf
Planning for Return to School 2020.pdf
Presentation to Board of Education - September 2, 2020.pdf
FAQ_Sept. 3.pdf
Daily Health Check Form_092220.pdf
Daily Health Check Form - Version 2.pdf
2020-10-08 Board Chair's Message.pdf
PSA_IH COVID Surge_Nov 10.pdf
Letter to Staff and Parents RE Radon Screening in Central Okanagan Schools 2020 - 2022, etc.pdf
Student Learning Assessment Order.pdf
Calendar Proposal Letter to Parents (2021 January).pdf
FSA Letter to Parents_February 2 2021.pdf
SLE Communicable Disease Plan - Site Procedure (2021-09-03).pdf
Letter to School-Community for Input on 2024-2025 School Calendar.pdf
Accessibility Plan 2023-2026.pdf