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Shannon Lake Elementary
"Reaching New Heights"
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Welcome to the Shannon Lake Elementary
Hot Lunch Program

Please note that you are able to place your monthly order
between the 10th and 20th of each month.  
 Ordering will be open from the 10th to 20th each month for the following month.

​**The deadline for ordering hot lunch for June is midnight Wednesday, May 25, 2022.** 

PLEASE NOTE: ALL ORDERS MUST BE PAID AT THE TIME OF ORDERING. If your account is not paid on the last day of ordering (20th) your order will NOT be processed. No orders will be processed after closing day.

Payment is done through Bambora  (you do not need to sign up for anything), 

and you are able to pay directly on the site with a Credit Card.

Unpaid orders will not be processed.

Please note that you will require a SCHOOL ASSESS CODE to access the online program. Our school ACCESS CODE to acces​s the online program is SLEHL. 
Please note: You are required to re-register each September.
 Already registered? - Please click on the "Place an Order" link to proceed.

We have noticed a small glitch in the system. It seems that if you add items to your order, and then have it sit for a week or so without paying, it does not let you add more items or make changes to your order, so I would recommend doing it all at once. It has only happened a handful of times, but we can not seem to change it.

If this is your first time accessing this site
you must register first before you can place your order
Not yet registered? - Please click on the "Register for the Program" link to register